Now retired, the time has come to pay more attention to your well-being and enjoy the money that, during your working life, you managed to save and grow through investment and retirement solutions from IMGA.

One of the first things you should do is to analyze the amount you will need in this new phase. Make a list of all your expenses, the essential ones (expenses with housing, water, electricity, gas, food, health) and leisure (cinema, travel, restaurants, gifts, etc.).

Then, depending on the savings made and the projects defined, manage the receipt of your retirement supplement. It may not be necessary to immediately demobilize the entire constituted plan. You always have the option of deferring your savings reimbursement for later, especially in a context where average life expectancy tends to increase.

If you choose to get RSP reimbursement, remember that it is possible to do it from the time you are 60 years of age, with more than five years after each subscription and, from Open Funds, from the date of retirement by old age and that you will enjoy advantageous IRS taxation on income generated.

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