Subscription: Deductions from collection for resident taxpayers

20% of the amount invested in the year in PPR is deductible from the collection of the IRS up to the maximum limit of:

  • 400 Euros
    • Taxable persons under the age of 35 years
    350 Euros Taxable persons aged 35 or above and less than or equal to 50 years
    300 Euros Taxable persons older than 50 years

Reimbursement: Income Taxation according to the current tax regime

Income is considered category E (Capital Income).

If the participant requests a total or partial refund of the Retirement Savings Plans under the conditions covered by the law, including the situation of refund by death of the Client, an effective IRS rate of 8% is applied to the income.

Reduced income tax

    8% Situations defined in the Law
    21.5% If reimbursement before the 5th year
    17.2% Between 5th and 8th year
    8.6% After the 8th year


The reimbursement may be made in whole or in part when the participant is in one of the situations indicated in paragraph 1 of Art.4 of DL nr 158/2002 of July, 2:

Retirement due to old age
From 60 years of agee
Long-term unemployment of the participant or any member of their household
Permanent incapacity
Serious illness of the participant or any member of their household
Use for payment of credit installments for the acquisition of permanent home 

Note: The reimbursement under these conditions can only be verified for subscriptions / prizes for which 5 years have elapsed since the date of payment. However, after the period of 5 years from the date of payment of the 1st delivery, the Customer may request a refund of his Retirement Savings Plans, if at least 35% of the deliveries have been made in the first half of the investment.